What if your most precious memories were lost forever, and you didn’t take the only chance to recover them?

When your house gets flooded, it’s easy to give up and assume that everything is lost. However, it’s still possible to save your most important belongings from a flooded house!

The answer to your problems is a pack out service. Keep reading to learn about what this is and how it can help!

What Is a Pack Out Service?

Simply put, a pack out service specializes in retrieving items from a home that has been damaged by a flood or other major disaster. Afterwards, they help to ensure the quality of the items they have retrieved.

A typical pack out service operation consists of three steps. These steps are retrieval, storage, and restoration.

The pack out service is unable to give your home back to you. But they can help save the most precious items in the house, long after you thought they were gone forever.

What Can Be Retrieved?

It’s easy to feel flustered and not know what to do after a flood. That’s why it’s important to have a game plan ahead of time and know exactly what a pack out service helps retrieve.

Strictly speaking, a pack out service can make an attempt to retrieve anything from your flooded home. Typically, though, clients prioritize saving things like photo albums and computer hard drives that may have additional photos and home movies.

They can also attempt to retrieve artwork, consumer electronics, furniture, and so on. However, not everything will be salvageable, which is why it’s important to have a prioritized list of what you would like them to seek out.

What Happens Next?

Once the pack out service has retrieved the items, they will need to be placed in a safe place. Most pack out services have special locations where these items can be stored, either all at once or in stages as the retrieval process continues.

These storage facilities are clean and climate-controlled. And the main purpose of such a facility is to house your items while they are being restored.

Cleaning and Restoration

Sometimes, a pack out service may be able to retrieve items that are in pristine condition. More often, though, the items they retrieve from the flooded house will have some level of water damage to them.

This is why the final step of the pack out service is cleaning and restoration. While your items are being stored, the service will attempt to clean your items as best they can and return them to their original condition.

In this way, the pack out service offers a lot of additional value. And their trained staff will be able to professionally clean your items much better than you can do on your own.

Flooded House: The Bottom Line

Now you know some of what to do after a flooded house and how a pack out service can help. But do you know which service you can trust?

At Simply Contents, we offer a range of pack out services for homes damaged by flood. To see how we can retrieve your memories, contact us today!