If your home succumbs to a fire, though it can feel defeating, know that there’s a better future ahead of you. During such a traumatic and confusing time, it’s hard to know what steps should be taken next to recover your old life.

Remain calm, surround yourself with as much positivity and support as you can, and keep your chin up.

To help you figure out what to do after a house fire, our team of professionals has come up with a quick reference guide. Follow these five steps to secure what can be secured and rebuild for a happy tomorrow.

What To Do After a House Fire: 5 Steps

There are few things more stressful and overwhelming than a house fire, as it disrupts the heart of your comfort. However, these tips will help you recover faster and triumph over any losses:

1. Find Somewhere Safe You Can Stay in the Meantime

Keep family and friends close. Reach out to those who you’re most familiar with an express what’s happened. You’ll need to find somewhere safe to stay, and a friend or family member won’t cost you a hotel bill.

The biggest help you can have right now is a friendly or familial support system to help you fight back worries and stay optimistic. Keep them close and talk with them often, even if they’re not your temporary housing.

2. Get an Official “OK” to Re-Enter the House

Emergency services (such as the fire department) will help you secure your home after a fire to prevent further damage or theft.

You’ll need to contact emergency services or an inspector who can verify the house is safe before reentering.

Fire can damage structural support, leaving homes susceptible to falling walls or faulty floors. If the house is safe to reenter, you can start looking at collecting any undamaged items from the house.

3. Assess Damage and Determine Cleanup Options

Not everyone is so fortunate to still have a home that can be cleaned after a house fire. If you’re one of the lucky few, then you’ll want to reenter a home only after getting the “OK’ to determine what can be salvaged.

Soot, charring, smoke smells or stains, and ash are common after a house fire. Determine if cleanup can be accomplished easily by yourself or if you have to bring in the help of cleaning professionals.

4. Contact Your Insurance Provider

You should contact your insurance provider as soon as the fire has been put out, as many offer relief and cover temporary living expenses. That choice is ultimately yours.

Once you’ve been inside your house and can assess the damage, it’s definitely time to contact your insurance provider (if you haven’t already).

They can help you salvage what can be salvaged and will direct you to any cleaning or recovery options. Contact insurance companies as soon as possible and be proactive about tracking communication and expenses.

5. Look Forward to the Future

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you’re safe. Not everyone is as lucky as that or has the potential to rebuild. Though life may feel stagnant or bleak, make sure to plan ahead and stay positive.

This is a crucial key to recovering your old life from before the fire.

Emergency Packing Services Can Help

Knowing what to do after a house fire doesn’t always seem straightforward, especially in this chaotic time. Stick to these five steps and remember to keep your head up. There’s plenty of help out there for you!

At Simply Contents LLC, we can help you securely store your belongings during your recovery time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!