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The loss that is experienced by individuals when a personal or sentimental item is misplaced in the wake of a catastrophe is difficult to comprehend. Handling all items with care ensures that the businesses and families who lose these items understand they are being handled safely and are stored with proper care and consideration during the restoration process.​

Catastrophe Response​

We have an immediate response time. Once we get the initial call we are committed to being onsite within 1-2 hours to meet with you.​

Content Inventory​

Using the industry’s highest level of technology, we are able to document and photograph all contents related to the loss.​

Professional Packing​

Our team is highly trained and uses best practices to make sure your belongings are being handled with the upmost care.​

Safe Keeping​

We provide on-site or off-site storage depending on the needs of our homeowners. Each container is securely locked and you are the only one with access.​

Content Cleaning​

Our professionally trained staff has the ability to clean all contents exposed to smoke or water damage.​

Structure Cleaning​

After a fire loss, we clean the inside of the structure with special cleaning solutions that remove any smoke or soot residue.​

Inventory Return​

Upon the return of your belongings, your items are placed in the designated area they came from and all is accounted for by our team.​

24 Hour Services​

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your emergency content protection and restoration needs.​

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