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3 Rules for Safely Dealing with Water Damaged Appliances

2018-11-23T20:48:02-08:00December 14th, 2018|

Flooding is the number one natural disaster in the United States. In fact, all 50 states have experienced some type of flood in the past five years. There are many causes of floods, but regardless of the cause, they can be devastating. Unfortunately, floods can cause quite a bit of damage in a short amount

3 Common Wildfire Causes and How to Prevent Them

2022-09-06T22:27:02-07:00December 7th, 2018|

The vast majority of wildfires are caused by humans. The good news is that most of these fires are started by people who likely had no intention of the blaze getting out of control. In fact, you'd be surprised how many seemingly common activities can accidentally cause wildfires. We'll go into more detail about these

Getting Ready for Wildfire in Your Area? 6 Ways to Protect Your Home

2022-09-06T22:23:11-07:00November 30th, 2018|

Over 8 million acres of land in the United States has been burned down by wildfires this year alone. This is not a fact to take lightly, especially if you live in a dry area that's prone to wildfires. If anything, it's the wake-up call you need to make sure you and your loved ones

Don’t Get Blown Away: What to Pack for Hurricane Evacuation

2018-11-23T20:33:54-08:00November 23rd, 2018|

One moment everything is fine, and then you turn on the news and are told that a hurricane will be in your area in a week. Are you prepared for the evacuation process? There is more that goes into packing for a hurricane than for a vacation. Do you know what should go in a

How to Make a Home Inventory Spreadsheet for Insurance Purposes

2018-10-30T18:53:28-07:00November 5th, 2018|

Let's say that you lost all your possessions in a house fire (knock on wood). When you talk to your insurance adjuster, you will need to provide a list of all the items you had, and without a home inventory insurance list it will be almost impossible to recoup the full value of your possessions.

Decorating on a Budget: 5 Home Decor Budgeting Tips for Restoring Your Home After a Flood

2018-10-18T16:00:47-07:00October 29th, 2018|

One of the unfortunate side effects of any type of flood is that you have to redecorate your home. What can make it even more difficult is that you simply don't have the financial resources to make everything the way it was before the storm. Fortunately, decorating on a budget is easier than you might

What To Do After a Fire: 5 Recovery Tips

2018-10-15T10:34:13-07:00October 22nd, 2018|

You take precautions. You have a safety plan in place. No matter how much you prepare, a house fire can still catch you off guard. Everyday things like cooking or smoking are the leading causes of homes going up in flames. House fires can happen quickly, usually taking only 30 seconds to go from manageable

Pet Disaster Management: How to Prepare Your Pets for Natural Disaster

2018-10-15T10:13:59-07:00October 15th, 2018|

A lot of people have a disaster plan in place if anything goes wrong. You may know what to do with your family or even some of your close friends, but what about your pets? It's estimated that 68% of US households own a pet. Pets are part of the family, and they need to

Which Important Documents Should You Protect From a Natural Disaster?

2018-09-11T10:54:50-07:00September 29th, 2018|

If the worlds CO2 emissions went down to zero, it would not change the worsening frequency of natural disasters. No matter where you live, fires, hurricanes, tornados, drought, and floods are becoming more prevalent and dangerous. Don't wait until it's too late to safeguard your personal information and possessions. In the event of a disaster,

5 Practical Tips for How to Repair Water Damaged Carpeting

2022-09-06T22:29:26-07:00September 23rd, 2018|

If your home has been subject to extensive flooding, you may be panicking about your water damaged carpeting. After all, carpeting isn't cheap! But did you know that water damaged carpeting could also pose major health risks to you and your family? It's true. The moisture from the flood encourages the growth of mold, mildew,